Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mr. Google
Hello Mr. Google, I Know you'll read this soon after I publish it because I see in feedjit you always monitoring almost of my blogs posting (and I know you're smiling ^_^). By this open letter I want to ask you to place my blog at the top position on every google search query that matching with my blog posts without spending money in your adwords (hey, you're smiling again). If that's possible just do that but if is not you can give me an email to tell your reason. If you don't send me any email it mean that you agreed with my proposal and I know you already know my email isn't it ;).

And by this open letter I would like to thank to you Mr. Google, for your great services and taking control on almost all aspect over the internet. By using your service I can easily find my favorite movie, software, mp3, ebook and download it without have to buy it, found every answers for my questions and other great stuff that you provide for free. There are lot of things to tell you but, you know I am not natively speak English.
Well thats it. Big thanks to you and please grant my proposal ^_^.

Don't think me as a looser I just want to become realistic. Ada yang punya saran lebih baik dari ini?

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